Your clients depend on you to keep their Drupal sites up-to-date.

Add your sites to Bespin™ and let us notify you when there are updates (and security updates) to your Drupal sites and modules.

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How It Works


Install our Drupal module to your existing Drupal 7 site. This module doesn’t give us access to anything but information about what core and modules you have installed.


Configure your site by adding the correct protocol, web address, and API key. This protects your site from wandering eyes.


Each day, we’ll check your sites to see if any of their core installations or contributed modules are out of date. If so, we’ll notify you via email!

Your first 3 websites are free forever, so what do you have to lose?

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Why We Created Bespin™

Bespin™ was created like most other great products - first and foremost out of necessity. As our own number of Drupal sites grew, it became clear that we needed a way to keep track of them in a hassle-free way.

We needed to create a system that would allow us to keep our clients’ sites update and safe from any vulnerabilities.

With Bespin, we can be confident that our clients’ sites are up-to-date, monitored for core and contributed module updates, and secured from malicious attacks.

Why You Should Give Us a Try

  • Keep your Drupal 7 sites up-to-date.
  • Prevent hackers or bots from attacking your sites.
  • Rest easy knowing your sites are being monitored.*
  • Stop worrying about updates and focus on the fun stuff, like creating websites.
  • Upsell your clients on Drupal maintenance and let them foot the bill!
  • Your first 3 sites are FREE forever!
  • It’s only $10/mo to watch more than 3 sites (much cheaper than some alternatives!)